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Training & Development Resources

NZL FIDE Licensed Trainers

NameDateLicenceTitleFIDE ID
Isaac, Ceferino3/9/20212023-2026Licensed Development Instructor4303806
Charamova, Jennya9/22/20222023-2024Licensed National Instructor4300874
Hair, Philip I1/1/20152021-2024Licensed National Instructor4300769
Hamalala, Ronald9/22/20222024-2027Licensed National Instructor4313119
WCM Lourenco, Eva3/9/20212023-2026Licensed National Instructor4305469
Mukkattu, Philip9/22/20222024-2027Licensed National Instructor4302737
Manickavasagam, Arun9/22/20222024-2027Licensed National Instructor25687980
McDougall, Wayne1/1/20152021-2024Licensed National Instructor4305485
Metge, Nigel9/22/20222023-2024Licensed National Instructor4300181
Pollard, Bruce1/1/20152021-2024Licensed National Instructor4303164
Wang, Ying3/7/20192021-2024Licensed National Instructor4307011
Carpinter, Antony L1/1/20152021-2024Licensed FIDE Instructor4300238
Christie, Richie9/22/20222024-2027Licensed FIDE Instructor4307470
Gallage, Roshan9/22/20222024-2027Licensed FIDE Instructor4306880
FM Gibbons, Robert1/1/20152021-2024Licensed FIDE Instructor4300700
FM Gong, Daniel Hanwen3/7/20192021-2024Licensed FIDE Instructor4303962
Hall, Craig9/22/20222024-2027Licensed FIDE Instructor4301030
Lyall, Gordon9/22/20222024-2027Licensed FIDE Instructor4317688
Lynn, William1/1/20052023-2026Licensed FIDE Instructor4300785
Macdonald, Paul1/1/20152021-2024Licensed FIDE Instructor4301277
McLaren, Leonard1/1/20152021-2024Licensed FIDE Instructor4300270
CM Milligan, Helen1/1/20152017-2024Licensed FIDE Instructor2401312
Morrell, Gordon9/22/20222024-2027Licensed FIDE Instructor2601958
CM Spiller, Paul9/22/20222024-2027Licensed FIDE Instructor4300718
Thurner, Christoph3/7/20192021-2024Licensed FIDE Instructor4302370
Wang, Haiqi Victor1/1/20052023-2026Licensed FIDE Instructor4301234
CM Wheeler, Bruce1/1/20052021-2024Licensed FIDE Instructor4300815
CM Dowden, Tony9/22/20222024-2027Licensed FIDE Trainer4300572
FM Green, Ewen M1/1/20052023-2026Licensed FIDE Trainer4300114
FM Wastney, Scott1/1/20152021-2024Licensed FIDE Trainer4300513

FIDE Trainer Titles

There are five (5) FIDE Trainer titles: four (4) titles which are awarded through seminars, and one (1) title a recognition of a lifelong contribution or extraordinary achievements as a trainer.

i.       Developmental Instructor (DI)

This license is given to trainers who bring the love of the game to children and adults starting out in chess and have the ability to teach the first steps in chess and then bring him or her to the level of participation in a FIDE rated tournament. Typically, teaching players rated up to 1200.

ii.      National Instructor (NI)

This license is given to trainers who can grow his or her talent to be able to successfully participate in national and international cadet and regional youth championships. Typically, teaching players rated from 1201 to 1700.

iii.     FIDE Instructor (FI)

This license is given to trainers who have the ability and knowledge to improve a student’s foundation and successfully compete in national, regional and international cadet and youth championships. Typically, training players rated from 1701 to 2200.

iv.     FIDE Trainer (FT)

This license is given to trainers who played at a professional level and who also have the ability, knowledge and skills to help a student at international competitions in pursuit of title norms, and championships. Typically, training players over 2200.

v.      FIDE Senior Trainer (FST)

The FIDE Senior Trainer Title is a title awarded for distinct service to chess for a period of longer than 10 years at a high level. FIDE Senior Trainer Title is also awarded to all the men and women World Champions in classical chess.

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