NZ Chess History - The Peter Stuart NZ Games Database

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The Peter Stuart NZ Games Database

The NZ Games Database that was created and maintained by the late Peter Stuart has been under NZCF stewardship since April 2018.

Here is the latest update (28th February 2022) to the database in Chessbase (CBV) format and zipped PGN format. This version is unchanged from the previous 2022-01-31 version except that both the missing final round of the 2022 NZ Championship as well as many 2022 NZ Rapid Championship games have been added. The Rapid championship was previously entirely absent, this was an oversight and now all the electronically captured games (top 12 boards in each round) are present.

Here is the accompanying NZ Championship Crosstable history in PDF format and editable Open Document format updated through 2022.

For reference purposes, here is the final edition of the database published by Peter himself in 2017, in Chessbase (CBV) format and zipped PGN format.

Here are two ancillary files Peter included, a README and the NZ Championship Crosstable history updated through 2017.

Peter's family graciously gave permission to NZCF to make this huge contribution to chess scholarship in New Zealand freely available to all. We are committed to keeping the project alive and aspire to the same meticulous attention to detail that characterised Peter's work for so long.

Thanks to Michael Whaley and Michael Freeman for working with Peter's family, and Helen Milligan for providing the most recent published version.