Arie Nijman Memorial 2024

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Arie Nijman Memorial 2024

Arie Nijman Memorial 2024

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The legendary Arie Nijman was a life member of the Canterbury Chess Club and New Zealand Chess Federation and a stalwart of Canterbury, South Island and New Zealand chess, and we thank the Nijman family for allowing us to name the event for him. 

The tournament is a FIDE and NZCF-rated event and is a 6 round Swiss, paired with the assistance of Vega. Note that provisional pairings will be published after all games have finished in a round, but pairings will not be final (“published” in terms of FIDE regulations) until 30 minutes before the round start time.

Entry fee is $70 or $50 for juniors (born on or after 1/1/2004), students, unwaged and retirees, and can be paid by internet banking or credit card (booking and processing fees apply) as below, with entries limited to the first 64 entries. Additional entries will be placed on a waiting list, in the event of a withdrawal.

Arie Nijman Memorial Tournament Regulations

  • Ratings: Although the tournament will be FIDE-rated, pairings will be done and rating-based prizes awarded on the basis of NZCF ratings. Players without NZCF ratings may be assigned a rating by the Arbiter for the tournament.
  • Defaults: The default time is 30 minutes after the start of the round, per NZCF Regulations.
  • Appeals: A player may appeal against a decision of the Arbiter. An Appeals Committee will be appointed by the organiser. Appeals must be lodged in writing within 15 minutes of the end of the game. A fee of $50 will apply, to be refunded if the appeal is successful or otherwise at the discretion of the Appeals Committee.
  • Mobile Phones/Electronic Devices: During a game, players are forbidden to have a mobile phone, electronic means of communication or any device capable of suggesting chess moves on their person in the playing venue. Such devices may be stored in a player’s bag or jacket, which is to be left under their table or the back of their chair during the game unless permission is given by the Arbiter. Such devices are to be switched off and are not to make any noise. Breaches of this rule will result in loss of game unless the Arbiter decides otherwise. This includes smart watches but not standard analogue or digital watches.
  • Half-point Byes: Players may elect to take one half-point bye in any of the first four rounds. Please inform the Arbiter prior to the completion of the previous round or by email if a bye is required for the first round. Players may not take more than one half-point bye in the tournament.
  • Photos: Spectators may take photos during the first 5 minutes of a round.
  • Refunds: If a player withdraws prior to 17 May, their entry fee will be refunded (players can do this for credit card entries themselves, or contact the organiser to arrange a refund). If a player is removed from the tournament or otherwise unable to play or continue on or after 17 May, no refund will be paid. Canterbury Chess Club, the organiser or arbiters will not be liable for any consequential loss if the tournament is cancelled or a player withdraws or is subject to any action or penalty under NZ Law, the Laws of Chess, NZCF or FIDE Rules or Regulations, or these tournament regulations.
  • Cancellation: If the tournament is cancelled after 50% of the scheduled rounds have been completed, prizes and titles will be awarded based on the standings up to that point and entry fees will not be refunded. If the tournament is cancelled before that, entry fees will be refunded to the maximum extent possible after covering costs and no prizes awarded. Completed games will be submitted for rating in either case.
  • Unwell Players and Spectators: Players should not enter or attend if they are or become unwell and should inform an Arbiter of non-attendance as soon as practical. Players who are disturbing other players e.g. with repeated sniffling, coughing, sneezing may be subject to the penalties outlined in the Laws of Chess. Spectators may be expelled and/or banned from the venue.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided – clean hands frequently using hand sanitiser if hands are not visibly soiled, or soap and water when hands are visibly soiled
  • If necessary, restrictions may be placed on numbers of spectators in the playing venue and numbers of people in particular areas within the playing venue

Some Accommodation Options

Riccarton Motor Lodge (next to the venue)

Fyffe on Riccarton (next to Riccarton Motor Lodge)

Golden Hotel Christchurch (across the road from the venue)

All provide options for individuals and groups (sharing a 2BR apartment can be a cost-effective option) and are within 1-2 minutes walking distance of the venue. Additionally, there are many accommodation options within 10 minutes walking distance along Riccarton Road in both directions. The venue address is 218 Riccarton Road – anything between 150 and 300 Riccarton Road or so will be close.

Shops and Restaurants

There are convenience stores and restaurants nearby, and Westfield Riccarton is 10-15 minutes walk with a supermarket, two food courts, cafes, restaurants, pubs and many other shops and entertainment options in the mall and surrounds.

Public Transport

There is a bus stop outside the venue and one across the road with frequent buses on a number of routes – has more information.

Additional Details

Organiser/s - Craig Hall

Arbiter/s - Craig Hall

Format - 6 Round Swiss

Time Control - 90 mins + 30 secs/move


Friday 17th May

Check-in*: 6:00pm – 6:30pm
Entries close: 6:15pm or sooner if full
Players Meeting: 6:30pm
Round One: 7:00pm

Saturday 18th May

Round Two: 9:00am
Round Three: 2:00pm
Round Four: 7:00pm

Sunday 19th May

Round Five: 9:00am
Round Six: 2:00pm

Prizegiving: After round six

*Players who have not checked in by 6:30pm may not be paired for round one. Players should send a text message to the organiser if they are unable to check in at the venue by 6:30pm.


FIDE ID is required - a FIDE ID will automatically be assigned to any NZL player who does not have one (eligibility requires NZ citizenship, a resident visa or permanent resident visa), and non-NZL players must have or obtain FIDE ID from their national federation.

Please note that NZ players who play two or more NZCF-rated tournaments in a calendar year must be members of an affiliate or associate member club of the New Zealand Chess Federation - Canterbury Chess Club offers membership options from $20.


A total prize fund of $1,000 is guaranteed. This will be increased if entries allow.

  • 1st: $200
  • 2nd: $150
  • 3rd: $100
  • U2000, U1700, U1400: 1st $100, 2nd $50
  • All Canterbury Champion: $50.
  • All Canterbury U2000: $50


Date And Time

May 17, 2024 @ 07:00 PM to
May 19, 2024 @ 06:30 PM

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