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Keeping Local Chess Alive During the Covid-19 Crisis

These pages will be kept up for the time being. Although chess life has largely returned to normal in New Zealand, it is prudent to retain the tools and techniques we used to play exclusively online in case we need them again.

I will attempt to provide a one stop directory of activity here, but I need people to let me know what they are doing. If you are organising online local chess in New Zealand, please email me and provide me with a link that I can list here. See our article on Running chess clubs online for ideas for getting your club online if it's not already.

Online Interclub Chess and the NZCF Lichess Team

An official NZCF online interclub competition has been organised, see online-interclub.html. Any club in New Zealand can participate. Every player can participate too, if your club isn't participating directly you can still play as a member of the NZCF Lichess Team. See the dedicated page for all the details, the schedule, and (in time), the results.

Auckland Chess Centre

The Auckland Chess facebook page is very active, the highly energetic Timothy Ha has been instrumental in the emerging online team competition. Here is their Lichess Page.

The Mount Chess Club

Bob Smith reports: We switched to organised on-line chess just before Lockdown and have completed our first event on, a five round event appropriately called “The Lockdown Swiss”. Another tournament starts next week at the time our club meets during more normal times – 1pm on Mondays. We are also running regular one-day quick tournaments on Fridays; it’ll be our fourth next week. Members are kept in touch via email, with results posted on our "Mount Chess Club" Facebook page. Anyone interested in joining in should email Bob at

Waitakere Chess Club

Waitakere Chess Club are running a swiss Lockdown tournament with both A and B grades. Format of 60+30 on Thursdays at about 7pm or 7.30 pm (keeping their normal time and structure as their club night). A grade is approximately 1800+ and B grade is below 1800. The online club is here and they announce the draw, results, upset prizes and players do post match analysis (kibitzing) on their facebook page. They are also running a rapid (25+5) ladder.

North Shore Chess Club

Helen Milligan reports that there is now a North Shore team on Lichess.

Papatoetoe Chess Club

Stan Yee reports: We simply set up the club on before Level 4 Lockdown came in and picked up our regular tournaments online, and organised them by group emails. We also set up the club on Facebook and share the tournament information there. Contact if interested. Our website was down (update: now up again, so this was how we handled it.

Wellington Chess Club

Wellington Chess Club are now running normal Swiss events online as described on the online page of their website. They are also running new online only events, and competing in the emerging national team competition. Their early experience and approach is documented here.
Our number one tip: Please, if you are making an online account with a view to replacing your normal over-the-board chess during the Covid-19 crisis, just use your normal name. It will make it a lot easier for your club administrators and for your opponents Last but not least, it will even help you to readily recognise normal local chess - just online.

Canterbury Chess Club

Canterbury Chess Club have also put their online efforts up front on their website.

Otago Chess Club

Otago Chess Club have also put their online efforts up front on their website. On April 1st they successfully started a two rounds per night normal rapid on Lichess, using a Lichess "Otago Chess Club" team as a co-ordination mechanism. This is the same model Wellington CC are now planning to use from April 9th.

Kapiti Chess Club

Kapiti Chess Club are following a similar model to several other clubs. Their plan is up front on their website. Again they are also using a Lichess team on their normal club night.

Auckland University Chess Association

Rishit Patel from AUCA has been in touch. AUCA (not yet an official NZCF club, but they're working on it), have adapted to the transition online like ducks to water. They have held a number of events and matches (including matches with other Australasian universities), and have a growing roster of players.

AUCA promote an all inclusive chess environment. They do especially encourage younger people, such as high school students and university members, or recent graduates of university to join in their events, but also welcome regular members from other clubs to join. Sart at their Facebook page (link).

Check Your Local Listings

I don't propose to research what every club in the country is doing, but I do offer to put localised information up on this page if I am asked (nicely:). In the meantime players can always check the club websites themselves, see the Chess Clubs page.