Arbiter Training 13 & 14 July 2024

The NZCF is happy to announce a weekend of arbiter training for those wanting to become National Arbiters

The lecturer will be IA Dr Peter Tsai (AUS – see bio at end).

National Arbiter under the New Zealand Federation:

1.     Attend an New Zealand endorsed National Arbiter seminar

2.     Must be 16 years of age in order to obtain a National Arbiter License

3.     Pass an exam set by the Lecturer at the end of the seminar


Saturday 13th July 8:30am to 10:30am; 12pm to 5 pm

Sunday 14th July 9am to 5 pm

Venue:  Howick, New Zealand

Course Content:

·       FIDE Laws of Chess

·       Swiss Pairing

·       Vega Pairing Software

·       Tournaments

·       Tie Breaks

·       Conduct of Players and Arbiters

·       Chess Clocks

·       Fair Play

·       Exam

For more information, please contact Paul Spiller – PaulSSpiller@outlook.com

IA Dr Peter Tsai Biography


FA Title: 2011  

IA Title: 2013 (category B in the Blue Panel)


Appointed as Australian Director of Arbiter Training by the Australian Chess Federation (ACF) from 2022.

National Arbiter (Australia) Lecturer: Conducted 4 National Arbiter Seminars throughout Australia.

FIDE Arbiter Lecturer: 2015. Conducted 7 FIDE Arbiter seminars including one in Chennai during the 44th Chess Olympiad. Lecturer in forthcoming 2024 IA Certification Seminar in April.

Chief Arbiter – National & International Tournaments

2011, 2023 IM Norm Australasian Masters (Melbourne)

2017, 2018, 2019 GM Norm Australasian Masters (Melbourne)

2017 – 2024 Begonia Open (Ballarat)

2018 Gold Coast Open Premier (Qld)

2020 Australian Championship (Sydney)

2021 Oceania Zonal 3.6 (Hybrid)

2023 Oceania Zonal 3.6 (Melbourne)

2023 Oceania Zonal 3.6 Junior U20 Girls

2024 Australian Championship (Adelaide)

2024 Australian Junior Championship (Adelaide)

Match Arbiter – Chess Olympiad

2016 Baku (Azerbaijan)

2022 Chennai (India)

Sector Arbiter

2017 1st World Cadets – Belarus (U10 Rapid & Blitz)

Chief and Deputy Chief Arbiter for over 150 FIDE rated tournaments at junior, state, national and international levels