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New Zealand Women's Championship

New Zealand Women's Championship

The Mabel Abbot Trophy used to be awarded to the winner of the New Zealand Women's Championship. The New Zealand women's chess championship was first proposed in October 1935.

H.R. Abbott became NZ Champion at the 1936/37 congress at a time when his wife Mabel Abbott was recognised as the NZ Women's champion as explained in this newspaper article. This husband and wife national chess champion duo is likely to be a unique occurrence anywhere in the world. It is not clear on what basis Mrs Abbott was recognised as NZ Women's champion, possibly winning the premier reserve tournament at the 1936/37 congress (as shown in the same newspaper article) was considered evidence she was clearly the best woman player. In any case by 1938 Mabel Abbott demonstrated her superiority in a separate women's tournament.

Women's Champions

The table below lists all New Zealand Women's Champions.

1938M E Abbott
1940E L Short
1967M McGrath
1978F Foster, W Stretch
1980F Foster
1981J Sievey
1982V Burndred
1983K Metge
1985J Sievey
1991R Foster
1992-93V Smith, F Foster
1994V Smith
1995V Smith
1996W Ong
1997R L Sheehan
1998Vivian Smith
1999Vivian Smith
2000Vivian Smith
2001E Mikhailik
2002Edith Otene, Vivian Smith
2003Vivian Smith
2004Vivian Smith
2005E Charomova
2006Sue Maroroa
2007Shirley Wu, Judy Gao
2008Natasha Fairley, Judy Gao, Helen Milligan
2009Judy Gao
2010Shirley Wu