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Brooker Memorial Trophy

Brooker Memorial Trophy

The New Zealand Schoolpupil Championship was competed for each year between eight persons, two representing each of the Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago regions. Pupils in other parts of the country competed in one of those four regional qualication events. The trophy is dated 1949 in memory of Frank Jenner Brooker, long time member of the NZ Chess Association. The event stopped in 2000 when the NZ Junior combined with the separate schoolpupils into one event.

The table below lists all winners.

Thanks to Michael Freeman for providing this information. His website has a wealth of information about the history of chess in New Zealand.

1950I. Barker & R.J. Glass
1951B.R.C. Butt
1952C.L. Berry
1953F.P. Hutchings
1954N.B. Cruden
1955J.R. Phillips
1956J.R. Phillips
1957J.R. Phillips
1958L.J. Walpole
1959I.D. Burry & M.W. Taylor & J.A. Harraway
1960K.E. Hartley & M.W. Taylor
1961C.A. Evans
1962C.A. Evans
1963G.M. Turner & A. Wilkinson
1964G.M. Turner & B.R. Anderson
1965B.R. Anderson
1966B.R. Anderson
1967E.M. Green
1968P.A. Garbett
1969P.A. Garbett
1970P.A. Garbett
1971R.W. Craig
1972G. Chiu
1973L.G. Palmer & R. Wansink
1974M.G. Chandler
1975K. Jensen & R. Wansink
1976K. Jensen
1977P. Cordue
1978P. Cordue
1979G. Sidman & R.A. Dowden
1980R. Mathias & L. McLaren & J. Sarfati
1981L. McLaren
1982B. Cameron
1983B. Alexander & A. Ker
1984A. Ker
1985B.M.S. Martin & S.A. McRae
1986B.M.S. Martin
1987J. DesForges & T.Stevenson
1988T. Stevenson
1989E. Rayner & P. Abrahamson
1990D. Elliott
1991S. Rupasinghe
1992E. Swayne
1993D. Guthrie
1994D. Guthrie
1995R. Metge
1996R. Metge
1997R. Trass
1998I. Bjelobrk
1999I. Bjelobrk
2000C. Hartigan