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New Zealand Premier Reserve

The NZ Premier Reserve Championship was contested at Congress between the 52nd Congress in 1944/45 and the 103rd in 1995/96 inclusive. The Premier Reserve was introduced to supplement an elite twelve player round robin championship with a similar secondary tournament for those players who didn't qualify for the championship. In 1996 it was decided that the more flexible Swiss system Major Open was a sufficient supplement to the Championship.

The handsome Premier Reserve Trophy was dedicated to the memory of Lionel Goldsmith a New Zealand airman from RNZAF 115 squadron, who was killed in action, aged just 27, on 22nd September 1943 over Hanover during the air war against Germany. Hanover was an important railway junction that produced tyres for military vehicles and aircraft, guns and tracked vehicles, and batteries for submarines and torpedoes. It was a night raid. The New Zealanders' plane was intercepted and shot down, possibly one of six claimed by Lt. Heinz Grimm and crew of the Luftwaffe unit NJG. The crash site was in Neidersachesen. Six men died. In addition to Goldsmith they included  a decorated pilot 'Kiwi' P/O R. Fuggle (DFM). Two survived unhurt (presumably parachuted to safety) and were taken prisoner of war.

Lionel Goldsmith was from Wellington, the son of Joseph and Deborah Goldsmith. Both Lionel and his brother were keen Wellington players. There is more information on the Goldsmith family here.

Here is an interesting contemporary newspaper article on the trophy and the story behind it.

Many thanks to Michael Freeman and Ross Jackson who did the research for this section.

The Goldsmith Trophy

The Goldsmith Trophy, courtesy of Michael Freeman

The Goldsmith Trophy
The Goldsmith Trophy

The Goldsmith Trophy, courtesy of Stan Yee

The Goldsmith Trophy, courtesy of Stan Yee

Lionel Goldsmith
Lionel Goldsmith's Grave

Lionel Goldsmith, courtesy of Michael Freeman

Lionel Goldsmith's Grave, courtesy of Ross Jackson

Premier Reserve Champions

The table below lists all New Zealand Premier Reserve champions, the row numbers are Congress numbers, the City column indicates where the player was living at the time.

Location Year Premier Reserve Champion City
52 Auckland 1944/45 N T Fletcher
53 Christchurch 1945/46 B S Wood
54 Palmerston North 1946/47 G E Trundle
55 Dunedin 1947/48 N S Henderson
56 Wanganui 1948/49 W E Moore
57 Auckland 1949/50 none
58 Christchurch 1950/51 V Lushcott
59 Napier 1951/52 T G Paterson
60 Timaru 1952/53 N E H Fulton
61 Wellington 1953/54 R F Cuthbert
62 Auckland 1954/55 F A Foulds
63 Dunedin 1955/56 T Van Dijk
64 Wellington 1956/57 W Rainner
65 Christchurch 1957/58 B H P Marsick
66 Hamilton 1958/59 B Douglas
67 Dunedin 1959/60 W B Petrie
68 Auckland 1960/61 R A Court
69 Wellington 1961/62 D J Cooper
70 Christchurch 1962/63 N M Cooper
B J Halpin
71 Auckland 1963/64 B E Howard
72 Wellington 1964/65 R T Metge
73 Hamilton 1965/66 D J Cooper
74 Christchurch 1966/67 L E Whitehouse
75 Dunedin 1967/68 G M Hall
76 Wellington 1968/69 B A Carpinter
77 Auckland 1969/70 P M Daly
78 Nelson 1970/71 C Laird
M G Whaley
79 Hamilton 1971/72 R Craig
80 Wellington 1972/73 P Hensman
81 Christchurch 1973/74 N Metge
82 Dunedin 1974/75 Philip O. Paris
Grant K. Russell
83 Upper Hutt 1975/76 Robert W. Smith Auckland
84 North Shore 1976/77 Philip A. Clemance
Peter B. Goffin
New Plymouth
85 Wellington 1977/78 David H. Beach Wellington
86 North Shore 1978/79 Paul K. Beach
Peter Mataga
J. Nigel Metge
87 Upper Hutt 1979/80 Patrick L. Cordue
Peter Green
88 Lincoln 1980/81 R.A. (Tony) Dowden Dunedin
89 North Shore 1981/82 Bernard Carpinter
David A. Gollogly
90 Dunedin 1982/83 Benjamin J. Alexander
Anthony F. Ker
91 Auckland 1983/84 Michael R. Freeman Christchurch
92 Upper Hutt 1984/85 Patrick L. Cordue
Mark Noble
93 Christchurch 1985/86 Peter McKenzie
Benjamin Martin
94 Wanganui 1986/87 Anthony F. Ker Wellington
95 North Shore 1987/88 Leonard J. McLaren Wellington
96 Dunedin 1988/89 Martin Dreyer Auckland
97 Wellington 1989/90 Kendall Boyd Dunedin
98 Auckland 1990/91 John Robinson Auckland
99 Dunedin 1991/92 Charles Ker Wellington
100 Wellington 1992/93 Philip Abrahamson
Charles Ker
101 Invercargill 1993/94 Mark Sinclair Wellington
102 Wanganui 1994/95 Paul Tuffery New Plymouth
103 Wellington 1995/96 J. Nigel Metge Auckland