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New Zealand Major Open

New Zealand Major Open

From the 95th Congress in 1987/88 a Swiss system Major Open was introduced for the many competitive players who are below the elite NZ Championship level. This competition supplemented and in time completely replaced the Premier Reserve Championship. The original Major Open trophy was the Henry Hookham cup, donated to NZCF by ACI computer services. This trophy was thought lost in 2013, and was rediscovered in 2021. In the intervening years a replacement cup, pictured to the left, was used

Henry Hookham Cup
Henry Hookham Cup

Henry Hookham Cup

Henry Hookham Cup detail, showing the first winners.

Major Open Champions

The table below lists all Major Open champions, the row numbers are Congress numbers, the City column indicates where the player was living at the time. The information is from Wikipedia. At the time of writing the Wikipedia article omitted the inaugural Major Open championship, clearly visible in the detail photograph above.

Location Year NZ Major Open Champion City
95 North Shore 1987/88 Michael Steadman
John Robinson
96 Dunedin 1988/89 Bruce Marsick Hamilton
97 Wellington 1989/90 John Robinson
Mark van der Hoorn
98 Auckland 1990/91 Matthew Barlow Auckland
99 Dunedin 1991/92 Simon Grainger Wellington
100 Wellington 1992/93 Prince Vetharaniam
Mark van der Hoorn
101 Invercargill 1993/94 Matthew Edmonds Christchurch
102 Wanganui 1994/95 Benjamin Giles
Kent Wong
103 Wellington 1995/96 Russell Metge Auckland
104 North Shore 1996/97 Tim G. Hare Auckland
105 Hamilton 1997/98 Chris J. Burns Wanganui
106 Dunedin 1998/99 Matthew McNabb Auckland
107 Auckland 1999/00 Paul K. Beach Auckland
108 Waitakere City 2000/01 Benjamin Giles Maruia
109 Christchurch 2001/02 Barry Martin-Buss Auckland
110 Wanganui 2002/03 John McDonald Wellington
111 Wellington 2003/04 Brendan Reedy Wellington
112 Wanganui 2004/05 William (Bill) Forster Wellington
113 Queenstown 2006 Maciej Wojnar Wellington
114 Wanganui 2007 Neil Gunn Auckland
115 Auckland 2008 Daniel Shen Auckland
116 Queenstown 2009 Gavin Marner Wellington
117 Auckland 2010 Alan Ansell New Plymouth
118 Auckland 2011 Roy Seabrook Auckland
119 Queenstown 2012 Nathan Goodhue Auckland
120 Wellington 2013 Max Chew Lee Australia
121 Auckland 2014 Paul Macdonald
Sean Martin-Buss
122 Auckland 2015 Antonio Krstev
Helen Milligan
123 Auckland 2016 Fuatai Fuatai
Vinod Kumar
124 Wellington 2017 William (Bill) Forster
Yogesh Kulkarni
125 Palmerston North 2018 Stanley Yee Auckland
126 Auckland 2019 Robert E. Gibbons Auckland
127 Tauranga 2020 Hao Tang Auckland
128 Palmerston North 2021 Clinton Wells Auckland
129 Christchurch 2022 Euan McDougall Auckland