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June 11th 2017 - Auckland A-Grade Interclubs, Auckland.
The final round of this 4-team all-play-all took place. Auckland Chess Centre claimed victory by beating North Shore 4-2. North Shore finished second, ahead of Howick-Pakuranga in third, and Papatoetoe fourth.

June 11th 2017 - June ACC Junior Rapid, Auckland.
1st= CM Oliver Picken and Aaron Wang
3rd= Ted Nguyen, Nina Nguyen and Euan McDougall
U-13 Book Prize: Winston Weng
U-10 Book Prize: Kenny Zhang
U-1000 Book Prize: Josia Vickers

Full results on Vega:

June 3rd-5th 2017 - 40th Trusts Chess Open, Auckland.
1st= FM Ben Hague & IM Russell Dive
3rd= FM Robert Smith & IM Anthony Ker
Grade 1: CM John Duneas
Grade 2: CM Benjamin Lim
Grade 3: CM Alex Nagorski
1st WCM Vyanla Punsalan
2nd= Simon Lyall & Francisco Chung (Australia)
Grade 1: Caroline Yan
Grade 2: Chen Yi Jing Alvin (Singapore)
Grade 3: Laurens Goormachtigh (Belgium) & Barry Hooton
(Sadly, Punsalan and Lyall lost half their prizemoney, thanks to a 28-move agreed draw in round 4 - there was a 30-move rule in force).
1st= Sean Myers (Australia/North Shore) & Hugh Gao
3rd Rishit Patel
Grade 1: Krystal Lal
Grade 2: Ryan Dukeson & Toby Zhang
Grade 3: Winston Weng
1st Abraham Deng
2nd Matthew Chen
3rd= & Under 10: Jeffrey Yu & Anya Thurner
3rd= & Under 8: Kendrick Zhang
Under 8 2nd= Eric Liu & Hannah Xu
Book prize: Milan Kuniyil
Full results on Vega:A-Grade; B-Grade; C-Grade; Junior.

Photos, thanks to Lin Nah:

Ben Hague   John Duneas & John Francis   Benjamin Lim
1st= FM Ben Hague   Grade Prize: CM John Duneas
John Francis presented the prizes
  Grade Prize: CM Benjamin Lim
Alex Nagorski   Vyanla Punsalan   Simon Lyall & Francisco Chung
Grade Prize: CM Alex Nagorski   B-Grade 1st: WCM Vyanla Punsalan   B-Grade 2nd= Simon Lyall & Francisco Chung
Chen Yi Jing Alvin   Laurens Goormachtigh & Barry Hooton   Hugh Gao & Sean Myers
B-Grade Grade Prize: Chen Yi Jing Alvin   B-Grade Grade Prize: Laurens Goormachtigh & Barry Hooton   C-Grade 1st= Hugh Gao & Sean Myers
Rishit Patel   Winston Weng   Abraham Deng
C-Grade 3rd: Rishit Patel   C-Grade Grade prize: Winston Weng   Junior 1st: Abraham Deng
Matthew Chen   Jeffrey Yu   Kendrick Zhang
Junior 2nd: Matthew Chen   Junior 3rd=/Under 10: Jeffrey Yu   Junior 3rd=/Under 8: Kendrick Zhang
Aaron Wang   Allen Li   Daniel Gong
Book prize: Aaron Wang   Book prize: Allen Li   Book prize: FM Daniel Gong
40th Anniversary Cake   John Francis & Bob Smith  
Chocolate chess cake to celebrate the 40th Trusts Open   Organisers John Francis & FM Bob Smith cut the cake!    

May 6th, 13th and 14th 2017 - ACC May Weekender, Auckland.
1st FM Ben Hague
2nd FM Mike Steadman
3rd= CM Helen Milligan & Gordon Morrell
Under 1800
1st= Bill Crombie & CM Oliver Picken
3rd= Simon Lyall & Timothy Ha
Under 1500
1st= WCM Nadia Braganza & Owen Jin
3rd Daniel Qiu
Under 1200
1st Winston Weng
2nd Saasha Ghadiali
3rd Pierre Braganza

Full results on Vega: ACC May Weekender.
Photos thanks to Simon Lyall:
Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:

Ben Hague   Mike Steadman   Gordon Morrell & Helen Milligan
1st FM Ben Hague   2nd FM Mike Steadman   3rd= Gordon Morrell & Helen Milligan
Oliver Picken & Bill Crombie   Timothy Ha & Simon Lyall   Nadia Braganza
Under 1800: 1st= Bill Crombie & CM Oliver Picken   Under 1800: 3rd= Timothy Ha & Simon Lyall   Under 1500: 1st= WCM Nadia Braganza
Owen Jin   Winston Weng   Pierre Braganza
Under 1500: 1st= Owen Jin   Under 1200: 1st Winston Weng   Under 1200: 3rd Pierre Braganza

May 7th 2017 - May ACC Junior Rapid, Auckland.
1st CM Alphaeus Ang
2nd CM Oliver Picken
3rd Winston Weng
4th= Felix Xie, Krystal Lal, Isabelle Ning and Alex Coates
U-13 Book Prize: John Liu
U-10 Book Prize: Jeffrey Yu
U-1000 Book Prize: Harrison Coates

Full results on Vega:

April 28th - May 1st 2017 - Churchie International, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA.
Kiwis playing: Tony Dowden and Sravan Renjith.
Results at

April 22nd, 23rd, and 25th 2017 - ACC ANZAC Weekender, Auckland.
1st FM Mike Steadman
2nd FM Daniel Gong
3rd= CM Allen Fan, IM Paul Garbett & Antonio Krstev
Rating Group A
1st= Simon Lyall & CM Alex Nagorski
3rd= WFM Jasmine Zhang, CM Benjamin Lim, Oliver Dai & Karl Holdo
Rating Group B
1st= Xinyang Liu, WCM Nadia Braganza, Aaron Wang & David Taylor
Rating Group C
1st= WCM Eva Lourenco, Daniel Qiu, Jacob Barry & Saasha Ghadiali

Full results on Vega (with game playthrough/download): ACC ANZAC.
Photos with thanks to Simon Lyall:
Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:

Mike Steadman   Daniel Gong   Paul Garbett & Allen Fan
1st FM Mike Steadman   2nd FM Daniel Gong   3rd= IM Paul Garbett & CM Allen Fan
Alex Nagorski & Simon Lyall   Karl Holdo   Aaron Wang & Nadia Braganza
Rating Group A: 1st= CM Alex Nagorski & Simon Lyall   Rating Group A: 3rd= Karl Holdo   Rating Group B: 1st= Aaron Wang & WCM Nadia Braganza
Eva Lourenco    
Rating Group C: 1st= WCM Eva Lourenco    

April 13th-17th 2017 - Doeberl Cup, Canberra, AUSTRALIA.
See for full details.
Kiwis abroad: CM Hilton Bennett is playing in the Open:
Jason Bryan and Sravan Renjith in the Major:

April 14th-16th 2017 - Wellington Open, Wellington.
1st= FM Nic Croad & IM Anthony Ker
3rd Kirill Polishchuk
B grade 1st= Andrew Masters, Clinton Wells
C grade 1st= John Robinson, Zephan Sinclair, Jarrod O'Brien
Junior prize: Jack James

Full results on Vega:

Games download here (pgn)

Photos, thanks to Simon Lyall:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

April 2nd 2017 - April ACC Junior Rapid, Auckland.
1st= Aaron Wang and Ted Nguyen
3rd Euan McDougall
4th= Felix Xie and Winston Weng
U13 Book Prize: Nina Nguyen
U10 Book Prize: Isabelle Ning
U1000 Book Prize: Uday Jain

Full results on Vega:

March 18th 2017 - Latvian Rapid, Auckland.
1st= FM Ben Hague & FM Alexei Kulashko
3rd= CM Allen Fan & FM Daniel Gong
Grading Under 2100: 1st John Duneas
Grading Under 1950: 1st= Oliver Picken & Daniel Runcan
1st CM Don Eade
2nd= CM Richard Meng & WFM Jasmine Zhang
4th= Christopher Riding, Philip Mukkattu & WCM Kate Song
Grading Prize 1: 1st= Rodney Li & Timothy Ha
Grading Prize 2: 1st= Sarah Yan, Oliver Dai,Gary Judkins,John Pakenham & Leyton Hackney
1st Mathew Steadman
2nd Henry Parker
3rd= Stephen Peak, Allen Li, Euan McDougall & Thomas Zheng
Grading Under 1400: Daniel Qiu
Grading Under 1200: Abdullah Althobaiti
1st Louis Lee
2nd= Allan Han, Jie Gong & Isabelle Ning
Grading Under 1000: Paul Postma

Full results on Vega: A-Grade; B-Grade; C-Grade; D-Grade.
Photos, thanks to Simon Lyall and Rodney Li:

Alexei Kulashko, Martin Dreyer & Ben Hague   Allen Fan & Daniel Gong   John Duneas
A-Grade: 1st= FM Alexei Kulashko & FM Ben Hague. Sponsor Martin Dreyer with the trophy!   3rd= CM Allen Fan & FM Daniel Gong   Grading Under 2100: 1st John Duneas
Daniel Runcan & Oliver Picken   Don Eade   Richard Meng & Jasmine Zhang
Grading Under 1950: 1st= Daniel Runcan & Oliver Picken   B-Grade Winner: CM Don Eade   B-Grade 2nd= CM Richard Meng & WFM Jasmine Zhang
Philip Mukkattu & Chris Riding   Mathew Steadman   Henry Parker
B-Grade 4th= Philip Mukkattu & Christopher Riding   C-Grade Winner: Mathew Steadman   C-Grade 2nd: Henry Parker
Peak, Zheng, Li, McDougall   Daniel Qiu   Louis Lee
C-Grade 3rd= Stephen Peak, Thomas Zheng, Allen Li, & Euan McDougall   C-Grade Grading Under 1400: Daniel Qiu   D-Grade Winner: Louis Lee
Isabelle Ning, Allan Han, Jie Gong   Paul Postma    
D-Grade 2nd= Isabelle Ning, Allan Han & Jie Gong   D-Grade Grading Under 1000: Paul Postma    

March 5th 2017 - March ACC Junior Rapid, Auckland.
1st = CM Alphaeus Ang and Euan McDougall
3rd = Winston Weng, Aaron Wang, James Liu, Andrew Li and Allen Li
U-13 Book Prize Krystal Lal
U-10 Book Prize Felix Xie
U-1000 Book Prize Uday Jain

Full results on Vega:

March 4th 2017 - Tairawhiti Rapid, Gisborne.
1st FM Ben Hague (Genesis Memorial Trophy – presented by Nopera Potini, son of 'Dark Horse' Genesis Potini)
2nd CM Oliver Picken
3rd= Dion Charles, Jack James & Kirill Polishchuk
Biggest Upset: Bobby Stannard
Top Tairawhiti Player: Bailey Sadlier (Jim Holdsworth Memorial trophy – presented by Peter Holdsworth)
1st Sean Molloy (Dark Horse trophy – presented by Nopera Potini)
2nd= Akuhata Keelan, Camden Champion, & Grace Kuil
Spot Prizes (Presented by Tuta Ngarimu, Ka Pai Kaiti)
Rylenne Hauiti
Georgina Moeke
Hemi Stannard
Mereana Mangu
Jessica Bremmer

Full results on Vega: Open; Junior.

Bailey Sadlier   Tairawhiti   Jack James, Kirill Polishchuk, Dion Charles
Top Tairawhiti Player: Bailey Sadlier (Jim Holdsworth Memorial trophy – presented by Peter Holdsworth, left; right, Noble Keelan)   Various prizewinners including Open 1st Ben Hague (at the back) and Junior 1st Sean Molloy (front left)   3rd= Jack James, Kirill Polishchuk & Dion Charles
(Noble Keelan and Colin Albert in the background)
Hemi Stannard   Allen Fan   Akuhata Keelan, Grace Kuil, Camden Champion
Spot prize: Hemi Stannard (centre). With Al Hutchinson (left) and Noble Keelan (right)   Spot prize: Jessica Bremner. With Noble Keelan and Tuta Ngarimu   Junior 2nd= Akuhata Keelan, Grace Kuil & Camden Champion
Mereana Mangu   Oliver Picken   Rylenne Hauiti
Spot prize: Mereana Mangu. With Noble Keelan and Tuta Ngarimu   Open 2nd: CM Oliver Picken   Spot prize: Rylenne Hauiti . With Noble Keelan and Tuta Ngarimu
Sean Molloy   Sean Molloy    
Junior 1st Sean Molloy (right)   Junior 1st Sean Molloy with the Dark Horse trophy    

February 25th 2017 - Bay of Plenty Rapid, Mt. Maunganui.
1st FM Ben Hague
2nd= Kirill Polishchuck, FM Daniel Gong, FM Bob Smith, & Fulo Nunilon III
u-2000 1st= CM Hilton Bennett & CM Benjamin Lim
u-1920 1st CM Allen Fan
1st WCM Vyanla Punsalan
2nd= John Findlay, James Cater & William Lynn
u-1500 WCM Nicole Qin
u-1300 Arvin Lim
1st= Adam Hasan-Stein & Will Fraser
3rd= Daniel Melville & Michelle Kong
1st unrated Aleks Hachikyan
2nd= unrated Ezra Morrison, Stanley Lin, Braden Smith & Dongyeong Kim

Full results on Vega: BoP Rapid A; BoP Rapid B; BoP Rapid Junior.
Lots of photos, thanks to Simon Lyall:

Ben Hague   Bob Smith   Kirill Polishchuk, FM Bob Smith, FM Daniel Gong, Fulo Nunilon III
1st FM Ben Hague   Best local player: FM Bob Smith   2nd= Kirill Polishchuck, FM Bob Smith, FM Daniel Gong, & Fulo Nunilon III
Hilton Bennett, Werner Corbe, Benjamin Lim   Allen Fan   Vyanla Punsalan
Under 2000: CM Hilton Bennett and CM Benjamin Lim. Werner Corbe (centre) presented the prizes.   Under 1920 1st CM Allen Fan   B-Grade: 1st WCM Vyanla Punsalan
Jim Cater, William Lynn, John Findlay   Nicole Qin   Arvin Lim
B-Grade 2nd= James Cater, William Lynn & John Findlay   B-Grade u-1500 WCM Nicole Qin   B-Grade u-1300 Arvin Lim
Hasan-Stein & Fraser   Corbe, Kong, x, Wright    
Junior 1st= Adam Hasan-Stein & Will Fraser   Junior 3rd= Michelle Kong & Daniel Melville, with organisers Werner Corbe (far left) and Caleb Wright (far right).    

February 19th 2017 - February ACC Junior Rapid, Auckland.
1st FM Daniel Gong
2nd CM Alphaeus Ang
3rd= James Liu, WCM Vyanla Punsalan, CM Oliver Picken, Aaron Wang, Krystal Lal, Allen Li and Abraham Deng
U13 Prize: Andrew Li
U10 Prize: Felix Xie
U1000 Prize: Isabelle Ning

Full results on Vega:

February 12th 2017 - Hawke's Bay Rapid, Napier.
1st= FM Ben Hague & FM Bob Smith.
3rd= CM Jack James & WIM Layla Timergazi.
Best Hawkes Bay player: Bernard Carpinter.
1st WFM Vivian Smith.
2nd Dion Charles.
3rd= Colin Albert & Charlie Li.
Best Hawkes Bay player: Charlie Li.
1st Finley Duncan.
2nd Z'Arn Payne.
3rd William Duncan.
4th= Zachary Roark & Carmelyn Payne.
Full results on Vega: A-Grade; B-Grade; Junior

January 27th-30th 2017 - Auckland Anniversary Weekender, Auckland.
1st FM Ben Hague
2nd= FM Daniel Gong & CM John Duneas
4th= IM Paul Garbett, CM Allen Fan, Antonio Krstev & William Li
under 1800:
1st= Nigel Cooper & Stephen Peak
3rd Simon Lyall
under 1600:
1st Rodney Li
2nd Nicole Qin
3rd= Mathew Steadman, Euan McDougall, Daniel Qiu, Aaron Wang & Ying Wang
under 1300:
1st Daniel Morrin
2nd Jacob Barry
3rd= Oscar Qin, Richard Schurr & Hugh Gao

Poison Pawn Grand Prix trophies were presented to the winners of the following categories at the event:
Open: FM Ben Hague
under 2100: CM Allen Fan
under 1800: CM Oliver Picken
under 1500: WCM Vyanla Punsalan
Junior: FM Daniel Gong
Veteran: Nigel Cooper

Full results on Vega: Auckland Anniversary.
Photos, thanks to Simon Lyall:

Ben Hague   Oliver Picken   Daniel Gong
FM Ben Hague with the Poison Pawn Grand Prix trophy for 2016   CM Oliver Picken with the under 1800 Poison Pawn Grand Prix trophy   FM Daniel Gong: 2nd= in the tournament and winner of the Poison Pawn Grand Prix Junior category
Garbett, Krstev & Fan   Peak & Cooper   Simon Lyall
4th= IM Paul Garbett, Antonio Krstev & CM Allen Fan (with the under 2100 Poison Pawn Grand Prix trophy)   Under 1800 1st= Stephen Peak & Nigel Cooper (Poison Pawn Grand Prix Veteran winner)   under 1800 3rd Simon Lyall
Aaron Wang Ying Wang        
Under 1600 3rd= included Aaron Wang and his mother Ying Wang        

January 23rd 2017 - January ACC Junior Rapid, Auckland.
1st= James Liu & Richard Meng
3rd Euan McDougall
4th= Felix Xie, Allen Li & Isabelle Ning
Best U-13, Book Prize: Rohit Mudaliar
Best U-10, Book Prize: Tracy Liu
Best U-1000 Rating, Book Prize: Krystal Lal

Full results on Vega at

James Liu and Richard Meng   Euan McDougall   Tracy Liu
Joint 1st: James Liu and Richard Meng   3rd: Euan McDougall   Best U-10, Book Prize: Tracy Liu

January 14th-20th 2017 - Oceania Zonal, Auckland.
1st IM Anton Smirnov
2nd= IM Antony Ker, GM Max Illingworth & IM Ari Dale
5th= FM Karl Zelesco, Yita Choong, IM Gary Lane, FM Gene Nakauchi, FM Alexei Kulashko & CM Daniel Gong
u2000 Ryan Louie, Charles Tsai
u1800 Regan Crowley, Gyula Plaganyi, Oleg Korenevski, Aurel-John Buciu, Alex Nagorski
u1600 Anthony Fikh

1st WFM Layla Timergazi
2nd= Kathryn Hardegen & Alana Chibnall
u1700 grade prize: Licia Yao

Other prizes:
Best fighting game : David Notley and Philip Hair
5 Quickest Checkmates:
1st Oliver Dai 8 moves
2nd= Zhilin Guo & Steve Murdoch 15 moves
4th= Joy Qin & Richard Taylor 17 moves

Titles awarded to NZL players (and accepted):
FM: Daniel Gong & Leonard McLaren
Leo Zhang, Allen Fan, Bruce Wheeler, Don Eade, David Notley, Jack James, Alex Huang, Tony Wang, William Zhang, Oliver Picken, Benjamin Lim, John Duneas, Richard Taylor, Stan Yee, Timothy Rains & Alex Nagorski
WIM: Layla Timergazi
WFM: Jasmine Zhang
Nicole Qin, Vyanla Punsalan, Joy Qin, Nadia Braganza, Eva Lourenco & Renae Ghadiali

Full results on Vega: Open; Women's.
Download all the games as pgn files: Open; Women's.

Lots of photos and information at

Hisham Al-Tahir & Anton Smirnov   Dale, Ker, Illingworth   Kulashko
Hisham Al-Tahir, General Secretary of the Asian Chess Federation, presents the Oceania Zonal trophy to IM Anton Smirnov   2nd= IM Ari Dale, IM Antony Ker & GM Max Illingworth   Among the 5th= was FM Alexei Kulashko...
Gong   Hair & Notley   Layla Timergazi
...and also among the 5th= was CM Daniel Gong, now upgraded to FM   NZCF President Murray Chandler presented the 'hardest fought' game prize to Philip Hair & David Notley   The Women's section was won by WFM Layla Timergazi, now upgraded to WIM

January 2nd-12th 2017 - Australian Chess Open, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA.
Kiwis abroad: CM Alphaeus Ang, Tony Dowden, Paul Macdonald, Sravan Renjith, Nadia Braganza, Eva Lourenco

Final scores in the 2016 Grand Prix:

Open - Ben Hague 98.17 (1st $700), Alexei Kulashko 83 (2nd $450), Bob Smith 71.87 (3rd $300), Scott Wastney 71.2, Alphaeus Ang 70.17, Russell Dive 59.37, Mark Noble 58.83, Stephen Lukey 55.5, Daniel Gong 52.87, Mike Steadman 41.
Under 2100 - Allen Fan 90 (1st $250), Helen Milligan 82.9 (taking Female 2nd), Jack James 77.67 (2nd $150), Ross Jackson 61.27 (3rd $100), Paul Macdonald 56, Benjamin Lim 51.75, William Forster 49.7, Vinod Kumar 46.5, Jeremy Knowles 42, Oliver Picken 40.5.
Under 1800 - Oliver Picken 83.84 (1st $250), Kate Song 77.75 (2nd $150), Jasmine Zhang 73.25 (taking Female 3rd), Vyanla Punsalan 72.5 (taking u-1500 1st), Dion Charles 69.83 (3rd $100), Philip Mukkattu 62.17, Sravan Renjith 61.21, Caroline Yan 56.17, Yogesh Kulkarni 53.5, Asheesh Gautam 40.
Under 1500 - Vyanla Punsalan 95 (1st $250), Sravan Renjith 65.5 (2nd $150), Yogesh Kulkarni 61 (3rd $100), Rodney Li & Euan McDougall 49, Nadia Braganza 44, Nicole Qin 40, Paraone Luiten-Apirana 38.5, Ryan Winter 37.75, Tama Austin 36.75.
Junior - Daniel Gong 107.5 (1st $250), Alphaeus Ang 100 (2nd $150), Jack James 85.67 (taking u-2100 2nd), Allen Fan 82.17 (taking u-2100 1st), Layla Timergazi 71.67 (taking Female 1st), Oliver Picken 70.5 (taking u-1800 1st), Hans Gao 65.5 (3rd $100), Kate Song 65, Dion Charles 59.6, Sravan Renjith 57.13.
Under 12 & Under 1200 - Nadia Braganza 93.5 (1st $70), Sravan Renjith 79.5 (taking u-1500 2nd), Hugh Gao 70 (2nd $50), Andrew Li 65 (3rd $30), Allen Li 63, Aiden Tyler Zhao 62, Saasha Ghadiali 58, Caleb He 53, Xintong Weng 50.92, Eric Liang 38.83.
Female - Layla Timergazi 112.5 (1st $250), Helen Milligan 107.5 (2nd $150), Jasmine Zhang 84.5 (3rd $100), Kate Song 81, Vyanla Punsalan 77, Eva Lourenco 60, Hananke Calitz 58.9, Caroline Yan 54.5, Nadia Braganza 52.5, Nicole Qin 50.
Senior - Russell Dive 98.17 (1st $250), Bob Smith 93.17 (taking Open 3rd), Mark Noble 87.67 (2nd $150), Mike Steadman 80.5 (3rd $100), Philip Mukkattu 73.03, Don Eade 61.8, Helen Milligan 52.15, Paul Garbett 51.17, Barry Hooton 48.9, Hilton Jacobs 48.8.
Veteran - Nigel Cooper 101 (1st $250), Vivian Smith 66 (2nd $150), David Cooper 57.5 (3rd $100), Gary Judkins 48.6, Patrick Cunningham 48, Robert Gibbons 47, John McRae 45.6, Ewen Green 45, William Lynn 41.5, Bernard Carpinter 40.

Best non-prize-winning North Islander outside Auckland and Wellington $80: Richard Dare
Best non-prize-winning South Islander $80: Stephen Lukey
Best non-prize-winning North Island Junior outside Auckland and Wellington $80: Hananke Calitz
Best non-prize-winning South Island Junior $80: Timothy Rains

To claim your prize, please email me,, with your bank account details so the payment can be made online.

January 1st-11th, 2017 - 124th New Zealand Chess Congress, Wellington.
Organised by the Wellington Chess Club. Download entry form here (pdf document). The NZ Open is a Poison Pawn Grand Prix Super Class event; the Rapid and Junior will also carry Grand Prix points. Support from the Kasparov Chess Foundation Asia-Pacific is gratefully acknowledged.
NZ Open:
Games download:
NZ Junior Open:
NZ Rapid:
NZ Blitz:

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Ari Dale   Scott Wastney   Dive, Smith, Gong, Reilly
NZ Open Champion Ari Dale   NZ Champion Scott Wastney   3rd= Russell Dive, Bob Smith, Daniel Gong and Tim Reilly
Shunkai Peng   Watharow & Kulkarni   Kulkarni
Under 2100 1st Shunkai Peng   Under 2100 2nd= Sean Watharow & Yogesh Kulkarni (shared with Bill Forster)   Major Open Champion (shared with Bill Forster): Yogesh Kulkarni
Wight & Lu   Douglas Dias   Allen Fan
Under 1800 1st= Joshua Wight & Lillian Lu (shared with Hikaru Oka)   Under 1500 1st Douglas Dias   Junior 1st= Allen Fan (shared with Jack James and Layla Timergazi)

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