Olympiad 2022

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Due to the continuing Covid Pandemic, the 2020 Moscow Olympiad has been postponed again until the northern summer of 2022. The 2024 Olympiad is scheduled for Budapest.

Some 2018 Batumi Olympiad material from the NZCF website is archived here.

Olympiad Appeal

The New Zealand Chess Federation is appealing for donations to help, not just with travel costs, but with other costs as well (possible costs include a team coach and/or expenses related to sending very young players who require a parent/guardian to travel too). Send cheques, payable to NZCF, to PO Box 216, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140, or make contributions directly to ANZ Bank 01 0535 0073257 00 - please send an email to confirm you have done this (secretary@newzealandchess.co.nz). Contributors will be listed on this web page.


Olympiad 2020 Teams Announcement

The New Zealand Chess Federation has selected the following teams to participate in the 44th World Chess Olympiad, Moscow, RUSSIA August 1st-15th 2020. Also see this announcement document.

Open Team (in provisional Board order)
1 Ben Hague
2 Russell Dive
3 Scott Wastney
4 Daniel Gong
5 John Duneas
Captain: Dejan Bojkov

Women’s Team (in confirmed Board Order)
1 Helen Milligan
2 Jasmine Zhang
3 Isabelle Ning
4 Nicole Qin
5 Nadia Braganza
Captain: Herman van Riemsdijk

Olympiad moved to Moscow (November 5th 2019)

FIDE today announced the olympiad will not be held in Khanty-Mansisyk after all, it has been moved to the Russian capital Moscow.

One Junior Spot reserved for Open team (November 1st 2019)

NZCF has given the Olympiad selectors guidance that the Open team should include at least one junior player (under 20). Also NZCF reserves the right to reopen selection applications after the closing deadline if it feels that this is required.

NZCF is calling for player applications (Oct 10th 2019)

The New Zealand Chess Federation is inviting applications for selection for the Open and Women’s teams to participate in the 44th World Chess Olympiad, Khanty-Mansisyk, Russia, 1st to 15th of August 2020. There are five places in each team.

To apply players must complete the linked application form (PDF and editable DOC) and ensure it reaches the NZCF Secretary by the 15th December, 2019. Selections will be announced by NZCF on or before the 15th February 2020, after the selection panel takes into account results in the New Zealand Championship in Tauranga in January.

One place in the Olympiad Open team can be won automatically by a player becoming outright New Zealand Champion in Tauranga. That player may take up their place even if they have not previously applied for selection.

Applicants should proceed on the basis that they will be required to pay their travel costs to and from the Olympiad, although NZCF will seek to organize fund-raising to reduce this if possible. As usual with chess Olympiads, food and accommodation are provided free of charge.


44th World Chess Olympiad, Moscow, RUSSIA
August 1st-15th 2020

The premier team event of the chess world, overseen by FIDE, the World Chess Federation. New Zealand will send an Open team and a Women’s team.