New Zealand Chess Magazine, October 2018


This is the interactive edition of the NZ Chess Magazine, October 2018. The complete magazine is available as a PDF document here. Some articles have extra text and information (cross-tables) that doesn't appear in the interactive edition. However the interactive edition seeks to make all the chess in the magazine .... interactive.

Feedback is welcome, this is a new development and is work in progress.


Ben Hague analyses his win over GM Sebenik at the Batumi Olympiad

Other Batumi Olympiad Games, Open Team, by Dejan Bojkov

Batumi Olympiad Games, Women's Team, by Herman van Riemsdijk

French Defence, the Schlechter Variation, by Scott Wastney

The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit, by Nigel Cooper

Tournament Roundup

Readers' Showcase, by Philip Hair

Introduction to The Berlin Defence, by Daniel Han