The New Zealand Chessplayer, Spring 1947


The following game, contested by two Grade 4 players, was played in the Auckland League Second Grade Championsip, Dominion Rd. v Papatoetoe. The mercurial Joe Simmonds puts across a combination that many higher grade players would be proud of. It just goes to show.

Simmonds, J W - Gurney A G - Dominion Rd v Papatoetoe Second Grade 1947

1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Nf3 Be7 The Cunningham Gambit.  4.Bc4 Bh4+ 5.g3 Best is (5.Kf1 d5 6.Bxd5 Nf6 7.Nc3 O-O ) 5...fxg3 6.O-O gxh2+

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Merely serves to drive the King off the checking diagonal (6...d5 7.exd5 gives White nothing better than equality ( if 7.Bxd5 then  7...Nf6 8.Bxf7+ Kxf7 9.e5 Bh3 10.exf6 Bxf1 with a good game for Black. ) ) 7.Kh1 Bf6 Taking up the only square that was good for the Knight. The Bishop was not in danger! (7...d5 8.Bxd5 Nf6 9.Bxf7+ ( White cannot play 9.Nxh4 on account of   9...Nxd5 uncovering an attack on the Knight ) 9...Kxf7 10.Nxh4 Rf8 and Black is alright ) 8.d4 d5 9.exd5 (9.Bxd5 is to be preferrred if only because it maintains the pressure ) 9...Ne7? (9...Qd6 and the centre is blockaded ) 10.Ng5 h6


11.Nxf7 Kxf7 12.d6+ Kf8 13.Qh5 Qe8 14.Rxf6+ gxf6 15.Qxh6+ Rxh6 16.Bxh6# 1-0