The New Zealand Chessplayer, Spring 1947

Missed the Bus

During the course of the Auckland Championship, the following position was arrived at in a game between G. E. Trundle and Miss R. Hollis

Trundle G E - Hollis R - Auckland Championship 1947

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White, having the move, played  1.a4 Black replied with  1...f5 Moir points out that the following rather subtle play was missed  2.Kc3 ( in the game a Pawn race ensued which resulted in both sides Queening and the game was drawn 2.a5 f4 3.a6 f3 4.a7 f2 5.a8=Q f1=Q ) 2...Kg4 3.a5 f4 4.Kd3 f3 5.a6 Kg3 6.a7 f2 7.Ke2 Kg2 8.a8=Q+ and wins. The King manoeuvre didn't gain time in the race, as the extra King moves for each side precisely cancelled each other out. Instead the point was to give Black no choice but to move her King onto a square where queening occurs with check .