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Chequered kiwi logo - Official NZCF Facebook page.
FIDE Newsletters - Regular updates and international news from the good people at FIDE, the world chess federation. - Possibly the best place on the web to play live chess - Fantastic general purpose chess site - Another fantastic general purpose chess site
TWIC - The Week In Chess, another candidate as top chess site
Chessable - Repetition training site. One of the founders is popular streamer and Youtuber John Bartholomew. - The venerable chess software publisher - Chess book publisher with a strong NZ connection. - Active Australian and NZ chess forum. - website of the Oceania Chess Confederation. - Once the NZCF website. Now relaunched as the personal Blog of Michael Freeman, holder of the Senior International Master title at correspondence chess. There is a great deal of informative historical chess material, and also sections on Local Government, and Family History Research. - The official New Zealand Chess Magazine website, with play-throughs and .pgn downloads for all games featuring in the mag, plus extra games and material. - Calendar of the primary/intermediate interschool chess competitions in Canterbury - Blog with Wellington Chess Club results - Palmerston North Chess News and more. - Caleb Wright reports on events in the Bay of Plenty area - Chess coaching in the Bay of Plenty region. - New Zealand Chess Supplies (2017) Ltd sales of chess equipment - Home of Sydney's Closet Grandmaster, who keeps us all up-to-date with happenings in Australasia. - blogging by Shaun Press on matters relevant to Oz and NZ - Coaching by William Lynn in Hamilton
/ - Simon Ward's Chess tournament app for primary/intermediate teachers. - The Tarrasch Chess GUI, NZCF website administrator Bill Forster's free chess program. - An online chess community. Coach Alex Huang's blog. - This was originally the NZCF Facebook page, but is now an unofficial personal blog of Helen Milligan.
NZ Chess News - An unofficial NZ chess news site run by Keong Ang and Helen Milligan, with a domain name easily confused with the New Zealand Chess Federation site. - A rich source of endgame study material, provided by John Beasley - Download free pgn files for tournaments around the world. - Chess Siberia. Useful material and news from Boris Schipkov. - A Malaysian chess site. - A simple one page guide to the rules of chess. Thank you Anna from the USA, for providing this link.

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